Boundary Walk

A team of our volunteers, staff and friends will be walking the Maidenhead Boundary Walk on Sunday 1 October, an annual 13.5 mile walk organised by the Rotary Club, to raise funds for our ‘Advice at Home’ service.

Our ‘Advice at Home’ service provides free, trustworthy advice for the housebound and can be life-changing for some of the most vulnerable people in our community; people who are isolated and housebound through ill health, disability, because they are elderly or who have carer responsibilities. Our advice helps people feel better physically and mentally, as we help reduce stress, improve finances and save people from worrying about the practical issues they face. Last year we supported 66 clients, who benefited financially by £114,090.

This is the story of an elderly couple we’ve called Beryl and John, who were supported by our Advice at Home service:

Beryl and her husband John are both in their 80s. They are on a very low income and have no family living close by. John is disabled and has dementia and Beryl is his main carer, which leaves her feeling very isolated and worried. Our home visitor helped them to claim the disability benefit that John is entitled to and carried out a benefit check to boost their income with additional means tested benefits. Beryl said, “I can’t thank you enough. I didn’t know we could claim these benefits and wouldn’t have been able to fill in the difficult forms without your help. Now we can afford to pay someone to sit with John if I need to go out and we can afford the odd taxi and little treat. It has made such a difference.”

We would like to maintain our home visiting service, however as more and more people turn to us for advice (we saw an increase of over 60% in client numbers last year) we find funding a service such as this is becoming more and more challenging. Many of our home visiting clients have complex problems that require several visits to resolve. We receive no specific funding for this service, yet we have calculated that each home visiting client we support costs £298.

If you would like to join our team and raise money to provide support for people like Beryl and John please contact Tony via email to

If you would like to sponsor our team please visit our sponsorship page:

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Date(s) - 01/10/2017
All Day

Maidenhead Old Boundary

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